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Banana guns


Four guns and four bananas created from 100% concrete colored with white spray paint and 23.75 carat gold leaf. This wall sculpture is presenting the little difference there is between a gun and a banana. Don’t play with guns, play with bananas.

80 x 60 cm
concrete, spray paint and plexiglass

Han Dirkx

"Dutch based artist Han Dirkx is the creator of contemporary alternative Raw Art. With a positive focus on embracing personal challenges, experiments, empowerment and spreading positive energy & happiness. Life is about trying the other thing. Being different.

His pupose in life is to empower and inspire people and organisations to make a positive impact through creativity, HighTech and innovation.

He takes the role that fits him the best in meeting his purpose. See for more background also his linkedin profile.


The Netherlands

0031 (0) 6 45790013

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